Natura raw energy bar with raspberry-red beet-apple 35g

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Energy raw bar with raspberry, red beet and apple 35g
Raw bar contains 88% fruits and vegetables.
Without added sugar, the preservative-free bar is pleasantly sour and rich in fiber. The bar is covered with rice paper, which is edible.

Ingredients: apple puree 30%, concentrated apple juice 16%, inulin, raspberries 10%, coconut flour, oatmeal, concentrated beet juice 5%, humectant (sorbitol), apple cubes preserved with sulfur dioxide 4%, millet flakes, oatmeal (ash fiber), rice flour, aroma, (potato starch, water, olive oil).

Allergens: May contain milk, nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, etc.
May contain soy. It contains gluten-containing cereals and gluten-containing cereal products
Contains sulfur dioxide and sulfites.

Average nutritional value per 100g:
energy 354 kcal (1495 kJ)
fat 6,3 g, of which saturated 4,7 g 
carbohydrates 66,9 g, of which (fruit sugar) sugars 34,6 g
fiber 6,2 g
proteins 4.3 g
salt 1,2 g

Nutritional value per 35g:
energy 124 kcal (523 kJ)
fat 2,2 g of which saturated 1,6 g
carbohydrates 23,4 g of which sugars 12,1 g
fiber 2,2 g
proteins 1,5 g
salt 0,4 g

Store in a cool, dry place. 
Origin EU,
Product of Slovenia
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