Extra virgin olive oil tin 1L

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin 1L
Extra virgin olive oil Kalamata 1 liter canister.
Extra virgin olive oil is pressed from superior good olives.
Extra virgin olive oil "Kalamata" is an oil obtained from the first cold pressing at 25 ° C of Koroneiki olives.
The oil obtained from the pressed olives was obtained by high quality mechanical means.
The oil is distinguished by its aroma, special balanced taste, lowest acidity and high quality. Originating in Greece, manufacturer Kanakis family business.

Ingredients: pressed from higher need olives. Product with a protected designation of origin.

Nutritional information per portion (portion 1 tbsp or 15ml):
Energy 124 kcal / spl% daily requirement˟
fats 14g 21%
in saturated fatty acids 2g 11%
monounsaturated fatty acids 11g
polyunsaturated fatty acids 1g
cholesterol 0mg 0%
carbohydrates 0g 0%
sugar sugars 0g 0%
sodium 0g 0%
proteins 0g 0%
polyalcohols 0g 0%
starch 0g 0%
fiber 0g 0%

% Of daily fraction calculated for 2000 kcl consumption

Acidity ≤0.5%
K270 ≤0.20
K232 ≤2.20
DK ≤0.01
peroxide value, meq02 / Kgr ≤14
sterols> 1100 mg / kg
wax ≤150ppm

Store in a cool, dark place. Best before: see package
Olive oil packed in 1l canister

Geographical indication, original olive oil from Kalamata, Greece
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