Tahini Whole Grain 330g

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Tahini Whole Grain 330g
Greek handmade whole grain tahini 330g.

Ingredients: 100% tahini (sesame seeds). Without added preservatives, dyes.
The product contains sesame seed oil.

Once opened, it will keep for 24 months. Make sure that the tahini is properly closed after each consumption, the product does not want moisture! Stir in the tahini from time to time, otherwise it settles too much. Stir well before use!

Average nutritional value per 100g:
energy 2641.8 Kj / 629kcal
fat 57.4g of which unsaturated 9g
carbohydrates 8.9g, of which sugars 0.7g
protein 19.3g
salt 0.1 g

Store in a dry place.

Usage: tahini is made from ground sesame seeds. Typically, shelled sesame seeds have been used in the production of tin, but unpeeled sesame tahini is also made, which is somewhat richer in vitamins and proteins, but has a bitter taste and a darker color. Maybe then whole grain tahini.
Purified sesame seeds, from which tahine is made, contain about 60% less calcium. However, the calcium in the pericarp is less absorbed by the body. The magnesium in sesame helps to relax, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure and helps prevent asthma attacks and migraines. Without magnesium, another important mineral in our body cannot be absorbed - calcium, which is also abundant in sesame seeds.

Tahini is usually known to those who have made hummus. But tahini isn't just hummus, it can be added to the breakfast menu to make it even healthier.

Spread tahinis and tahini creams on bread, pastry, rice bread. You can add honey, jam, nuts, almonds to make the taste even better. Stir in the porridge, especially this whole grain tahini, to add a healthier drink to your breakfast.
Tahini is also added to salad dressings, mixed with, for example, lemon juice. Tahini goes well with legumes such as chickpeas.
Tahini and halva are used in recipes for cakes and cookies, as well as in oriental noodle and rice dishes.

EU Origin,
Product of Greece
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