Stuffed peppers 1000g Zoom

Stuffed peppers 1000g

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Stuffed peppers 1000g
This dish is suitable for all seasons and tastes especially good with mashed potatoes. Preheat in a pan or oven and it is especially good if you cover the peppers with parmesan or lamb cheese and bake a little. A good homemade recipe from Balkan cuisine.
Does not contain flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Ingredients: fried cluster tomatoes, water, paprika, minced beef and pork, rice, sugar, onion, soy, sunflower oil, salt, spices, vegetables, woester ester sauce (contains mustard seeds)

It is a ready meal, warm up and good appetite!

Average nutritional value per 100g of product:
Energy 275kj / 66kcal
Fat 2.5g of which unsaturated 0.9g
Carbohydrates 6.3g, of which sugars 2.9g
Fiber 1.5g
Protein 3.7g
Salt 0.76 g

Origin EU, producer Slovenia
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