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Monologue Gin 1L + giftbox
The monologue gin 1 liter has been awarded among the eight best gins in the world.
  • Great American Spirit Competition, 2018, Rochester, New York: Double GOLD MEDAL for high quality. The highest-rated imported gin
  • Red Dot Desing Award 2019 winner

Flavor nuances: juniper berries, grass, lemon balm, vervain, motherwort, rosemary, lavender and olive leaves, which give a Mediterranean flavor.

The monologue gin is suitable for dialogue or special tonics:
Toner classic Dialogue - Dry Bitter tonic
Mediterranean tonic - with lemon, lime and herbs,

Gin Monologue has won a double gold medal at the prestigious international spirits competition, making Monologue one of the best gin in the world among the eight best spirits in the world.
Tomaž Kavčič, author of the monologue gin and ambassador, comments: “The idea for the tonic came from the concept of gin, because we wanted to create flavors that would suit both the monologue with gin and other drinks. Toner Dry Bitter is added to juniper berries. The Mediterranean tonic is also suitable for other gins and is ideal for mixing (so-called long drinks). "

Origin EU, producer Slovenia

Attention! It's alcohol. Alcohol can harm your health.
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