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Frutabela energy bar with hazelnuts 30g

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Frutabela energy bar with hazelnuts 30g
​If you like hazelnut, this energy bar is the best. Strongly nutty and fast energy restorer.

Ingredients: hazelnuts 23%, rice, wheat flour, sugar, glucose, palm oil, wheat barley malt, salt, glucose syrup, 18% yogurt (sugar, palm fat, skimmed milk and whole milk) emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavorings, sorghum, sorghum, moisturizer , glycerol) 6% oatmeal, palm fat, sugar, maltodextrin, starch, flavoring.
The product may contain peanuts, nuts.

Average nutritional value per 100g:
Energy 2082kJ / 498 kcal
Fat 26.1g, of which saturated 8.9g 
carbohydrates 56.9 g of which sugar 20 g 
fiber 4.4 g
protein 7.6 g
salt 0.18 g

Origin EU,
Product of Slovenia
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