Petimezi traditional grape syrup 250ml

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Petimezi traditional grape syrup 250ml
Petimezi is a traditional Greek grape syrup (made from grape skins)
It is used in salads, pastries (instead of sugar), on pancakes, in tomato sauces (to reduce acidity) as well as to flavor cheese, meat and fish. Used instead of sugar and to reduce the acidity of acidic foods.
Add a small variety of Petimez to the food and the taste is immediately more special.
Acidity 6%
Free of preservatives, sulphates and caramels.

Petimezi is a traditional Greek grape syrup and because it is made from grapes (or more precisely grape must), it tastes pleasantly sweet. Honey and petimez are some of the oldest "sweeteners" in the world.

Petimez is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C and B, and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium.
Petimez is a great substitute for sugar.

I use petimez a lot, in the morning with porridge, yogurt (makes it sweeter and gives it such a pleasant taste) or I squeak an egg / avocado on crispbread. Lunch, evening green salad, cinema, buckwheat porridge, cheese. The Greeks also use petimez in all kinds of pastries. Terje from Greece, importer of Petimez.

Origin Greece, producer Kanakis
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