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Malvazija Koper 0,75L

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Koper Malvazija
Variety: Malvasia
Soil type: Flysch, marl, sandy marl soil 
Location: Debeli rtič, Labor, Sečovlje 
Grape harvest: Hand-picked from the beginning until the middle of September
Winemaking: Wine-must is in contact with the skin of berries for a shorter period of time. Fermentation in stainless steel vats at a temperature of 14 to 18°C is controlled. Three months of ‘sur lie’ follows and then maturing in stainless steel vats. Biological deacidification is only partially performed.
Aging potential: over 3 years
Colour: A golden yellow colour with gentle bright green shades.
Aroma: A clean intensive aroma with the scent of tropical fruit and almond is intertwined with gentle tasting notes of acacia tree flowers.
Taste: Intense fruit with playful acidity and a pleasant softness live harmoniously within this wine, which finishes with the distinct taste of bitter almonds.
Food and wine pairing recommendation: This is certainly a wine which cannot be missing on a table with sea food, vegetables, poultry, and risottos with lighter sauces. 
Opportunities: Lunch with friends, Socializing
Serving temperature: 10–12° C 
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