Koper Shiraz 0,75L

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Koper Shiraz 0,75L
Variety: Shiraz
Soil type: Eocene flysch with marl and sandstone 
Location: Debeli rtič, Purissima 
Grape harvest: Hand-picked at the beginning of October
Winemaking: Maceration of these grapes lasts up to 14 days. After biological deacidification, the wine matures in oak barrels.
Colour: Intensive dark ruby red colour
Aroma: Dry plum, green pepper, sweet aromatics of crusts of French croissants, and notes of herbs can be sensed in the bouquet.
Taste: In the mouth, the wine has a lush and soft fullness. This is nicely soaked with ripe fruitiness, vanilla, and spicy tasting notes of green pepper which lingers in the long and pleasant finish of this wine.
Food and wine pairing recommendation: This wine goes very well with meat dishes, especially fillet mignon or medallions, steak, schnitzel, matured cheeses and also game meat. 
Opportunities: Lunch with friends, Socializing
Serving temperature: 16–18 °C 
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