Frutabela energy bar with blueberry-cereal-yogurt 44g                  Zoom

Frutabela energy bar with blueberry-cereal-yogurt 44g

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Frutabela energy bar with blueberry-yogurt 44g
Energy bar enriched with high energy and fruit content (61%), magnesium and vitamins B2, B3, B5. Suitable for both professional and amateur athletes to get energy before training or to restore energy after training.

Ingredients: fruit composition 61% (apple puree, blueberry puree, chokeberry, grape conc. Juice), yogurt glaze 18%, yogurt powder 2%, soy lecithin, glucose syrup, pressed cereals 14% (rye, wheat, horde and wheat malt), corn wheat, 5.4%, coconut flour, oatmeal, sorbitol, magnesium phosphate, sugar, iodized salt. May contain milk, soy, hazelnuts and almonds.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Average nutritional value per 100g of product:
energy 399 kcal
fat 11.9 g, of which 8.6 g saturated
carbohydrates 67g, of which sugars 32.3 g
fiber 3.9g
proteins 4.0g
salt 0.4 g

B2 0.54 mg 38%
B3 6.12 mg 38%
B5 2.04 mg 34%
magnesium 127.84 mg 34%

Origin EU,
Product of Slovenia
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