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Capris Rosé


Variety: Refosco, Merlot
Soil type: Eocene flysch, marl and sandstone 
Location: Sečovlje, Škocjan – Eocene flysch, marl and sandstone 
Grape harvest: by hand, in September
Winemaking: Grapes undergo short maceration, just enough for the wine to acquire the trademark pink colour, followed by temperature-controlled fermentation at 14 - 18°C according to the white wine production technology. Aging takes place in stainless steel vats to preserve the freshness and fruitiness of the wine. The secondary fermentation is carried out according to the Charmat method in pressurised tanks.
Aging potential: up to 3 years
Colour: Sparkly, intense pink colour with cherry-red hues. An exuberant wine with rising strings of tiny bubbles.
Aroma: Delivers fragrant scents of raspberry, cherry, wild strawberry, cranberry and red currant.
Taste: The impression on the palate is of fresh strawberry and red fruit like raspberry, cherry and red currant, livened up with fine soft bubbles
Food and wine pairing recommendation: Capris Rosé is a great sparkling wine for socialising and can be served as an aperitif or as a companion to fresh berries, salmon, paella, summer salads, mozzarella with tomato, seafood dishes, poultry, light pasta and risotto, and so forth 
Opportunities: Celebration, Romantic dinner, Gift, Socializing
Serving temperature: 6–8 °C 
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